About The Climate Data Services

NASA’s Climate Data Services (CDS) provide a central location for publishing and accessing large, complex climate model data to benefit the climate science community as well as the broader public.

As NASA weather and climate models simulate our planet on scales from hours to millennia, they produce data sets up to petabytes in size. Such “Big Data” presents challenges to climate scientists—not to mention the government, agriculture, education, and business communities—in extracting scientific discovery and value.

CDS provides tools and services to access, visualize, analyze, compare, and publish model data. It aims to give diverse users intuitive interfaces to a complete collection of NASA model data sets. By broadening access to model data, NASA envisions advances in scientific research as well as innovative applications benefitting society.

Underlying CDS tools and services is a growing and increasingly integrated suite of capabilities. The NASA Center for Climate Simulation (NCCS) Discover supercomputer hosts NASA weather and climate simulations, and its mass storage system holds simulation output. CDS is partnering with NCCS to investigate and deploy technologies such as cloud computing, high-performance analytics, and scalable data management.

CDS is an effort of the Computational and Information Sciences and Technology Office at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The CDS website provides three ways of navigating climate model data:

Data helps users find data holdings by model type (atmosphere, land, ocean, and coupled atmosphere/ocean); modeling project; and modeling organization.

Tools & Services furnishes access to classic technologies long used in the climate science community (e.g., FTP, OPeNDAP); emerging technologies (e.g., Earth System Grid Federation, UVCDAT); and advanced technologies (e.g., MERRA Analytic Services, CDS API).

News highlights the latest additions to CDS data products and services.



If you have products or services you feel are a good match with CISTO Climate Data Services we would be interested in discussing this further and so please send inquiry to support@cds.nasa.gov