3D Data Visualization and Analysis

Picture8As data sets increase in size, bringing the analysis and visualization tools to the data becomes increasingly important, regardless if the user is local or halfway around the world. CISTO’s Climate Data Services provides (CDS) development and user support for data analysis and visualization services as defined on this page.

Ultrascale Visualization – Climate Data Analysis Tools (UV-CDAT)

To support interactive visualization and analysis of complex, large-scale climate data sets, UV-CDAT integrates a powerful set of scientific computing libraries and applications to foster more efficient knowledge discovery. Connected through a provenance framework, the UV-CDAT components can be loosely coupled for fast integration or tightly coupled for greater functionality and communication with other components. This framework addresses many challenges in interactive visual analysis of distributed large-scale data for the climate community.

Written in collaboration with Department of Energy’s (DOE) Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI), UV-CDAT is a workflow-based, provenance-enabled system that integrates climate data analysis libraries and visualization tools in an end-to-end application. More specifically:

  • Analysis tools: Support for large data sets, parallelization, statistical analysis, regridding, reprojection, aggregation
  • Visualization tools: Mapping, 3D, rotation, parallelization, comparative visualization
  • 3D Visualization Tools (DV3D):
    • Volume rendering, volume slicing, isosurfaces, 3D hovmoller, parallel coordinates, vector filed viewers
    • Interactive query, browse, navigation, configuration options
    • VisTrails integration for spreadsheet plots for desktop or hyperwall
    • VisTrails for transparent and automated provenance collection
    • Active and passive VTK stereovisionsupport
    • Distributed task-parallel analysis pipelines
    • Seamless integration with CDAT’s climate data management system (CDMS) and other climate data analysis tools
  • Additional Support: Unstructured and non-gridded observational data
  • Workflow and Provenance tools: Reproducibility, data analysis efficiency, ease of accessibility, data set identification for publication

3D Visualization Image Created by DV3D:

UV-CDAT Run on CISTO CDS Hyperwall at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

UV-CDAT main webpage is hosted at DOE and is accessed by clicking here.  Direct install/download links are below


For more information on UV-CDAT Contact Tom Maxwell