CREATE-IP is the data collection, standardization, and ESGF distribution component of CREATE. The goals are:

1. Centralization of global reanalysis datasets onto NCCS Advanced Data Analytics Platform
     • Initially:
          1. NASA MERRA/MERRA-2 (pending)
          2. NOAA CFSR & 20CRvC
          3. ECMWF ERA-Interim/20C (pending)
          4. JMA JRA-55/(25-limited)

2. Data standardized into a high frequency common format of monthly, 6 hourly, 3 hourly, and 1 hourly temporal resolutions of 22 Climate and Forecast (CF) compliant environmental variables [1 Petabyte]
     • Variables (initial effort):
          1. Atmospheric Temperature
          2. U-wind
          3. V-wind
          4. Specific Humidity
          5. Sea Level Pressure,
          6. Surface Temperature
          7. Geopotential Height
          8. Precipitation
          9. Precipitable Water
          10. Evaporation Rate
          11. Surface Pressure
          12. Ozone
     • Variables (follow-on effort):
          1. Sensible Heat Fluxes
          2. Latent Heat Fluxes
          3. Vertical Velocity
          4. Cloud Fraction
          5. Total Ozone Column
          6. Radiation Fluxes (SW, LW, all sky and clear sky).

3. Centralized and standardized high frequency reanalysis data then supports:
     • Publication into Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) under the “CREATE-IP” project title
     • THREDDS, ArcGIS access/distribution
     • Direct data access for NASA scientists on the NCCS Advanced Data Analytics Platform                (ADAPT) [NASA Internal Only]
     • Data source for the online visual analysis capabilities of CREATE-V (Visualizer) [Public]
     • API and WPS data access and analytic service capabilities [Public]

The CREATE-IP data will be available through ESGF when it returns to service later this fall.

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